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The club also offers training & advises in order to provide different courses to
bring socio-economic changes through education & scientific approach towards life & spreading scientific lookout to the urban as well as rural masses. Mushroom Club
supports environmentally, socially and economically sustainable projects, businesses and activities in small communities. Our emphasis is to generate Self- Employment for unemployed graduates, housewives, retired personnel to upgrade their skill & make
them proficient in the technology.
By finding ways to reuse agriculture & domestic wastes as value-added raw
materials (Organic fertilizers), we can create economic opportunities and jobs while
simultaneously preserving our environment and strengthening local conditions. We mwork to meet current and future generations needs as we build a society based on what
the ecosystems can provide.

We also grow edible mushrooms on the agro wastes like straw and husk. The
spent substrate helps to restore the impacted areas and may serve as animal feed.

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